Below you will find some commonly asked questions for United States of Supplies:

Who are we?

Great question! We are a family operated business that understands the need to ensure your family is safe during these difficult times. Each shipment comes with a piece from our little artist's collection!

Where is my order?

With COVID-19, many shipments have been delayed. If you feel this is the case, please refer to your tracking number that you receive via email once your shipment has shipped. 

When should I expect my order?

Once we receive your initial order, we pack and ship within 48 hours. At times, your order maybe further delayed. Once we provide the carrier with your order, you will receive a tracking number from us. Once a tracking number is in place, you can contact the carrier directly for any shipping concerns. 

Is it normal for my card to be charged immediately?

Yes, your card is charged immediately for your order. This ensures that your order is placed in our queue. 

Do you provide refunds for returned items?

Unfortunately, no. We do not accept returns nor provide refunds due to COVID-19. If a product is defective, please email us directly at info@unitedstatesofsupplies.com.  

Can my order be cancelled?

Yes, we have the ability to cancel orders once they are placed if items become unavailable in our inventory. 

When can I expect products to be back in stock?

We work directly with our vendors to ensure that there is always stock of items; however, with a high demand for products we can expect items to sell out. We will continue to do our best to consistently meet your needs. 

If these questions still have not answered your question, please email us at info@unitedstatesofsupplies.com.